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Big Day for Cartel Busters

There was a lot of action in the war against drug cartels today. The Mexican Army killed 11 suspected cartel members in a shootout in Valle Hermoso, 30 miles south of Matamoros, which in turn is south of Brownsville, Texas. The shootout was part of operation "Noreste," which according to the Mexican Military, "seeks to generate a climate of peace, trust and harmony for the population."

The Mexican Navy captured one of the founding members of the Zetas, Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga, aka "El Lucky."

Colombia extradited former Norte Valle Cartel chief Ramon Quintero Sancelmente to the U.S. [More...]

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Anonymous Takes on the Zetas

They have no guns, just the web. Are they any match for the Zetas? The Zetas have until November 5 to decide whether to release a kidnapped Anonymous member or face the consequences: Anonymous will publish the identities and personal information of all the associates, police officers, politicians, businesses and others who support the Zetas, which it says will lead to the Government forfeiting their property.

It seems that an Anonymous supporter in Mexico was kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, and well, this isn’t sitting too well with the larger Anonymous group as a whole. In fact Anonymous has let it be known that if they Zetas Cartel doesn’t release their compatriot the hackavist group will start publishing the names, address, and other personal information of all the Zetas Cartel members as well as politicians, cops, and military members who are bought and paid for by the cartel.


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The DEA and Mexican Drug Cartels: The "Snitch and Carry On" Tactic

The New York Times has a fairly uninformative article in which it refers to the DEA "infiltrating" Mexican drug cartels and using some of them as informants. It mentions the current case involving the Iranian accused of an assassination plot against the Saudi Ambassador and the Chicago federal case of Jesús Vicente Zambada-Niebla, son of Sinaloa co-leader Ismael Zambada-Niebla.

The Zambada-Niebla case is far more interesting. The gist is that Vicente says he was part of an immunity deal that encompassed not only Mexican lawyer/fugitive/indicted defendant Humberto Loya-Castro (Loya), who is an advisor to Chapo Guzman and Ismael Zambada-Garcia (El Mayo) and a participant in Sinaloa activity, but that all of them also had permission to carry on the cartel's drug trafficking activity. He also alleges that the DEA provided the same immunity from capture and prosecution, and permission to carry on Sinaloa business to Chapo Guzman and Ismael Zambada-Garcia, the two leaders of Sinaloa. [More...]

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Mexico Seeks Info on ATF Program Allowing Guns Into Mexico

The Mexican Government is requesting information about Project Gunrunner, also called "Fast and Furious", which began in Phoenix. Agents were directed to allow guns to be brought into Mexico. (You can read the English translation of its press release here.) The theory was that they could then determine where they ended up and bust the cartels. Many agents objected.

But the Mexican Government was never told about this. How many of these guns ended up killing people? ATF Agent and whistleblower John Dodson says what he was asked to do is "beyond belief."

ATF has ordered a complete review of the program. You can read one indictment that details how many guns got through to alleged cartel members here.

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Tucson Sheriff Authorizes Use of Mass Lethal Force Against Drug Suspects

Phoenix's Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have a rival in the category of worst Sheriff in America. Pinal County (Tucson)Sheriff Paul Babeu has announced his department will institute a policy authorizing (mandating) the use of lethal force against suspected drug smugglers.

"I've given specific instruction, no less than lethal force is going to be used. It's all lethal force only and we go into that environment knowing that we're likely expecting an armed threat from these people," Babeu said.

Good thing for this Sheriff's deputy, he's in Texas and not Tucson. [More...]

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U.S. Arrests 429 People in Drug Sweep

Project Deliverance continues -- Attorney General Eric Holder announced the arrest of 429 people yesterday in a drug sweep. That brings the total number arrested to 2,200.

Yesterday, 429 individuals in 16 states were arrested as part of Project Deliverance, which targeted the transportation infrastructure of Mexican drug trafficking organizations in the United States, especially along the Southwest border, through coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement. More than 3,000 agents and officers operated across the United States to make yesterday's arrests. During yesterday's enforcement action, $5.8 million in U.S. currency, 2,951 pounds of marijuana, 112 kilograms of cocaine, 17 pounds of methamphetamine, 141 weapons and 85 vehicles were seized by law enforcement agents.


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U.S. Imports Cartel Snitches From Mexico, Violence Follows

The U.S. has been importing snitches from the Mexican cartels into the U.S., providing them with homes and new lives. Of course, some will be discovered. What happens next? Murder on the front lawn.

But in order to fight the drug traffickers, federal anti-narcotics agents have brought Mexican cartel members north of the border, to use them to gather intelligence and build cases.

ICE is arranging visas for them. And not playing nice with other law enforcement agencies, contributing to the violence: [More...]

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