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State by State Voter ID Requirements

What kind of identification does your state require to vote? Here's a handy map by Headcount.org, just click on your state or scroll down to the text.

Also, different states have different policies on the type of identification college students need to vote. If you know a college student, here's a really handy color-coded map to pass along.

What's Headcount.org? It's a non-partisan organization that works with musicians "to promote participation in democracy." Their volunteers stage voter registration drives at concerts. They get the artists involved as well. [More...]

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DOJ Rejects S.C. Voter ID Law

The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department has rejected South Carolina's Voter ID law on the grounds that it discriminates against minorities.

The law, passed in May and signed by Gov. Nikki Haley ®, requires voters to show a driver’s license or one of several other forms of photo identification.

....The rejection leaves the state with the option of trying to get the law approved by a federal court or passing another law and submitting it to the Justice Department.

It's good to see the Justice Department stepping up to the plate.

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Stakes High in Voter ID Case

By Wendy Weiser

While the country is closely following the presidential primary contests, another contest is being fought that will determine the way many Americans--and even which Americans--will vote in November and in years to come.  The contest is not about candidates but about the voting process itself.  And it won't be decided by voters but by the U.S. Supreme Court.  

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