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The Reasonable Obama Supporters Of Mississippi

By Big Tent Democrat

Two nights ago, Oculus highlighted this article to me in which some voters in Mississippi demonstrated they have more sense than most blog denizens. For example:

Catherine Cowans is a black supporter of Barack Obama who is disappointed by the Clinton campaign's recent attacks on her candidate. . . . But she doesn't think that the New York senator's jabs add up to an irredeemable sin. If Clinton becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, the 48-year-old hairdresser said, she will vote for her. "I'm not angry at her," Cowans said recently during a lull at her beauty salon in this sleepy Delta city. "I still like Hillary."

And the first exit poll data from Mississippi demonstrates similar feelings:

An exit poll finds Barack Obama voters are a bit more charitable toward Hillary Rodham Clinton than vice versa in Mississippi's Democratic primary. The survey Tuesday for The Associated Press and television networks found that six in 10 Obama voters said he should pick Clinton for vice president if he wins the nomination. Four in 10 Clinton voters said she should pick Obama as her running mate if she wins.

Finally, a little sense from Democrats. Take note Nancy Pelosi. More exit polling data here as it comes in. More . . .

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