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DNC Blog Credentialing Process Opens Today

If you're a blogger (particularly on state issues) and want to get media credentials for the August 25 to 28 Democratic Convention in Denver, the process begins today.

Big media goes through the Congressional Galleries. Bloggers go through the DNCC's Press Gallery. The basics are here -- 50 blogs on state issues, one from each state, will get credentialed first. National and niche bloggers will go into a second pool of applicants.

DNCC PRESS GALLERY: all other news organizations including blogs community newspapers, the publications of membership organizations, quarterlies, college media, production houses and media service organizations. Please visit the DNCC blog for more information on the blogger credentialing process.

DNCC Press Gallery
1560 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 720-362-2008
Email: dnccpressgallery-at-demconvention.com


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Fed. Judge Rules for DNC Over Florida Delegates

A federal judge has ruled the DNC can exclude Florida delegates from the convention as a penalty for moving up their primary date.

[U.S. District Court] Judge Robert Hinkle said that political parties have a First Amendment right to set their own rules and enforce them. The national party did that, which means that Florida will not have a say in picking the Democratic nominee.

Florida's set its primary for January 29 even though the rules don't allow them before February 5, so as to maintain the importance of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Two other states, Nevada and South Carolina, are also allowed early primaries "to add geographic and racial and ethnic diversity."

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Howard Dean: No DNC Decision Until January

Bump and Update: DNC Chair Howard Dean now says he won't decide until early January. Why? Denver still has issues and New York doesn't want it badly enough.

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Is One Local Union Holding Up the Denver DNC Bid?

The Rocky Mountain News reports that although Denver's Pepsi Convention Center has agreed to employ only union workers for the Democratic National Convention, one local stagehands union is refusing to sign a no-strike contract for the event -- in an attempt to get the Pepsi Center to agree to use union contractors.

That stinks, as I wrote at 5280 today. I hope this union falls in line. They will look very bad if we don't get the DNC contract because of them.

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Where Should the 2008 DNC Be Held?

It's down to the wire. DNC Chair Howard Dean will decide really soon, probably this coming week, whether the 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver or New York City.

I really hope Denver is chosen. We are up to the challenge, we can raise the money and we have the infrastructure.

The Rocky Mountain West is the old South in terms of importance in 2008, particularly Colorado and New Mexico.

It would be great to host bloggers here in Denver. There's a lot to do, it's young and vibrant, not too expensive and easy to get around.

We also have a very active progressive blog community. Check out ProgressNow Action, Colorado Confidential, Square State and Colorado Media Matters. We're ready.

Where do you think the convention should be held?

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