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Facebook To Put Amber Alerts in Newsfeeds

Facebook is going to put Amber Alerts in users' newsfeeds.

Just another reason I don't like or have much use for Facebook. Or Joe Biden, who got the Amber Alert bill passed without hearings by sneaking it into another crime bill against drugs.

Worst presidential nomination scenario: Hillary decides not to run and Joe Biden takes a shot.

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No More Child Emergency Alerts Please

Comcast just interrupted programing for 3 minutes with an emergency child abduction alert. Only there was no information and instead a carpet cleaning commerical and radio bit about the Denver Broncos played annoyingly.

It was the kind of alert that comes on for hurricanes and testing of the emergency broadcast system. One child going missing is not a national or community-wide emergency. It's a local police issue. Emergency interruptions should be limited to dangers to everyone in the community.

It's bad enough Amber Alerts are broadcast on highway signs. They are dangerous distractions, just like texting while driving. Drivers' eyes should be on the road, not trying to read details of a crime alert. To have them forced on us in our own homes is even worse. [More...]

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