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Tiger Woods Apologizes

Tiger Woods says he's sorry and he'll return to golf one day, he's just not sure when. Did he do a good job? Some say he didn't. Why now, other than he had a break in his therapy schedule? On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is Tiger Woods or his apology to you?

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No Criminal Charges For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will receive a citation for careless driving, no criminal charges will be filed. Woods has withdrawn from his tournament this week, citing injuries sustained in his car accident.

In other news, Roman Polanski won't be released until Friday.

Update: Is this really a video of Marilyn Monroe smoking pot? Looks like a cigarette to me, from the way she's holding it, but lots of folks say it's pot.

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Tiger Woods 9/11 Call And Here Comes Gloria

Here's the neighbor's 9/11 call in the Tiger Wood's case.

And here comes Gloria Allred, who is getting ready to represent Rachel Uchitel. Rachel flew from NY to LA today where Gloria picked her up at LAX. Gloria and her "maligned" client list go way back. It seems all of her clients are "maligned" females, from a "biting victim" in the Marv Albert case to Amber Frey to a nanny in the Rob Lowe lawsuit and the Octomom, and countless others. (Note: I like Gloria personally.) Go, Gloria, if anyone can keep the Enquirer on their toes, it's you. Come to think of it, how come Rielle Hunter didn't call Gloria?

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Tiger Woods Released From Hospital, Alcohol Not Involved

Tiger Woods is out of the hospital. His injuries were not serious. He did hit a tree and a fire hydrant. Alcohol was not a factor.

The rumor mill: He may have been Driving while Ambien'ed or his wife and he may have fought about a woman named Rachel Uchitel. TMZ reports his face scratches came from his wife.

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