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Ted Cruz' Long Nose

Speaking of Ted Cruz (okay, so nobody here was), he was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. I only saw the last five minutes -- Kimmel was giving him some kind of quiz with uninteresting questions like what was the first concert he went to. He seemed much more relaxed than he does on the campaign trail -- almost like a pleasant person. And for the first time, his makeup didn't make him look like Grandpa Munster. Given his terrible position on issues, that's scary.

One of his stories seemed like a whopper. Another seemed mis-remembered, at best, and manufactured, at worst. Both were extremely unlikely to have happened the way he described. I think he has memory problems or truth issues -- neither one is good for someone who is running for President. At least if he's gonna make stuff up, he should make the stories credible. These two incidents he recounted were not. [More...]

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Ted Cruz Thanks You Know Who

You don't need to listen to Ted Cruz's speech. You know what he said. Like Rubio, it's all the work of You Know Who.

Good luck with that in November. Trump will eat them both alive. I would bet that You Know Who will never run the United States of America in my lifetime.

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