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SC Gov. Sanford Admits Extra-Marital Affair

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has returned from Argentina and admits he has been having an affair (that began by e-mail) with a woman who lives there. He says his wife has known about the affair. His wife said today she asked him to leave the family home two weeks ago.

Sanford has submitted his resignation as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Here's the transcript of his press conference remarks. Another paper is printing Sanford's romantic e-mails to the woman. How embarrassing for all of them.

Bottom line: He's a Republican whom we now don't have to worry about being on a future national ticket. Other than that, it's his business and I have no interest in reporting more details of his affair, making fun of him or castigating him for his behavior. It's between him, his family and the people of South Carolina who elected him.

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