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Bush Moves to Deport Legal Resident Acquitted in Terror Case

The Bush Justice Department at work again.

Lyglenson Lemorin, age 33, came to the U.S. from Haiti as a child. He is a legal resident of the U.S. He hasn't been to Haiti in 20 years.

He was acquitted by a federal jury of any wrongdoing in the Justice Department's hyped prosecution of the Miami Liberty 7 -- another case that went after a bunch of sad sacks who may have been bumbling terror wannabes but had no ability to carry out a terror threat even if that was their desire.

The Justice Department is now trying to deport Lemorin back to Haiti -- for the same conduct for which he was acquitted. In other words, a legal resident who grew up here and was acquitted by a jury after the Government had its chance to take its best shot and failed is now facing removal from the United States. He never even saw a day of freedom after the acquittal.

That's the Republican way of doing things and why it must end in November. [More...]

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No Guilty Verdicts in Liberty City Seven - Sears Tower Terror Trial

In a "stinging defeat" for the Bush Administration, the judge in Florida's Liberty City Seven-Sears Tower terror trial finally declared a mistrial today after jurors were still deadlocked after nine days of deliberation. They were deadlocked since day four but she made them keep deliberating. One defendant was acquitted on all counts, the jury couldn't reach a verdict on the others.

The defense portrayed the seven men as hapless figures who were either manipulated and entrapped by the FBI or went along with the plot to con "Mohammed" out of $50,000. The group never actually made contact with al-Qaida and never acquired any weapons or explosives. Prosecutors said no attack was imminent, acknowledging that the alleged terror cell was "more aspirational than operational."

But then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said after the arrests in mid-2006 that the group was emblematic of the "smaller, more loosely defined cells who are not affiliated with al-Qaida, but who are inspired by a violent jihadist message."

Let's hope it's a lesson to the FBI that they can't just send out informants to create crime plots and entrap people not otherwise predisposed into signing on.

Update: Time Magazine has a lengthy article calling it a Grade B Movie Trial.

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Miami Homegrown Terrorism Trial : Jury Says Its Deadlocked

Update: No verdict today (Tuesday.) They'll be back tomorrow morning.


It looks like another defeat for the feds in the homegrown terror trial of the Liberty City, Florida defendants they said wanted to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and federal buildings in Miami. (Background here.)The trial began in September and went to the jury on December 4. The jury deliberated four days and told the Judge Thursday it was deadlocked. Today, the Judge gave the dynamite instruction, called the Allen charge, and told them to keep going. They'll be back tomorrow, but trial oberservers don't expect a verdict.

The case was one of those trumpeted by Alberto Gonzales. It seemed like overblown hype from the beginning.

The defendants assert they were ensnared by an FBI informant and had no intention of participating in such schemes. Six months after their arrest, Narseal Batiste, the lead defendant, sent a 25 page letter to the media, explaining his position.


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