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Thursday Night Haiti Update

Rescue efforts in Haiti are still facing difficulty in reaching the people. The Red Cross estimates 50,000 have been killed.

It's a race against time.

The pictures and news reports are harrowing. Looting is beginning, bodies are lining the streets and beginning to decay. Disease will begin spreading. The cemetaries are filled, and people are being put in mass graves.

Money is pouring in to relief organizations and countries around the world are trying to help, but the conditions there are so awful, it may be too little too late. The heavy equipment needed to dig out more potential survivors is still not there. People are still alive under the rubble. The medical care is not getting to them quickly enough. They need more supplies and pain meds.

The main port is closed, the airport is strained, relief workers say it's chaos.

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More Than 100,000 Feared Dead in Haiti

Haiti's prime minister says more than 100,000 likely died in the earthquake. The U.S. says there are no tallies yet and thinks that number is high.

Twitter has live first hand reports here.

The main prison in Haiti has collapsed. I hope the prisoners got out or are getting help.

Doctors Without borders says ALL hospitals in Haiti's Port au Prince area have either collapsed or been abandoned.

More pictures here.

The Red Cross has now committed $1 mllion. Here are President Obama's remarks today.

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