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Omar Khadr's Lawyer Collapses in Court, Trial Recessed

Via Daphne Eviatar and Carol Rosenberg on Twitter: Lt. Col. Jon Jackson, the sole defense attorney for child soldier Omar Khadr collapsed in court at Guantanamo today while cross examining a witness. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and is expected to be okay. But the trial has been postponed, at least until tomorrow.

The witness, Retired US Army "Sgt Major D", was part of the assault team that captured Omar Khadr on July 27, 2002. He's a DOD consultant now.

"SgtMajor D" testified he shot Khadr in the back during the fight in which the grenade was thrown.

According to one of Khadr's civilian lawyers (who is not trying the case) Omar was very upset.

I'll update with more details when available.

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