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Popular Vote Totals So Far

As I've discussed endlessly (heh) in comments, I want whoever the nominee is to be the choice of democratic voters.  I don't want  a delegate win, I want a voter win.  Because it's the voters we have to get back out in November.  In anticipation of Super Tuesday, here's my calculations of the popular vote so far.  I will update it after Super Tuesday.  As expected, it's close between Obama and Clinton.

Clinton               Edwards            Obama

  70,505             71,222           89,864        IOWA+

112,610             48,818           105,007      NH++

  58,893             43,384             52,339       NEVADA+

141,217             93,576           295,214       SC

854,391           247,926           567,027       FLA++

1,237,616       504,926          1,109,451         TOTAL

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