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Democratic Convention - Day 1

Final Update: Did anyone convince me tonight there was any reason to vote for Joe Biden other than getting rid of Trump? No. Not by a longshot. But it is what it is.

Update: Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama were both excellent. I preferred Bernie (Video and Transcript here) because he was more concrete and focused on policy. He spoke to all Democrats who are willing to listen. He gave specific examples of positions Biden has promised to take. (My advice: Don't throw out your salt shakers yet, i.e., take them with a grain of salt).

Saddest line: "For as long as I am here" I'll work with progressives...." On the other hand, he seemed younger and more spirited tonight, and got every point across without being bombastic. He didn't have trouble breathing. He didn't stumble over words. He looked robust and healthy, even his hair was neatly combed.

Shorter version of Bernie: Vote for Biden and then we'll raise hell and have a better chance of success because Congress will have more Democrats than it does now. [More...]

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