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OK Seeks Death Penalty for Beheading Suspect

Oklahoma will seek the death penalty will be filed against Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Nolan. The grounds:

[DA Greg] Mashburn said he will allege the victim’s death was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel. He said he also will allege Nolen is a continuing threat to society, Nolen put more than one person at great risk of death and Nolen has been previously convicted of a felony involving violence against a person.

Nolan is being held without bond. He has not yet been appointed counsel and at his arraignment yesterday, asked for a Muslim attorney. The Judge said the public defender will be appointed, and he did not know if the PD's office had any Muslim attorneys.

Nolan reportedly confessed to the beheading, which happened the day he was fired from the food processing plant. Police say he was fired after a co-worker complained to Human Resources he didn't like white people. The co-worker was the second worker he attacked, who lived. Nolan had worked for the food processing plant since January, 2013.

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