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Hillary and Obama Speak at NC Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spoke tonight at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Raleigh, NC.

Hillary has already spoken. Obama's speech is playing here right now.

More than 5,000 attended the dinner.

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Insider Advantage Poll: Hillary Takes Lead in N.C.

Update: The new Mason Dixon North Carolina poll has Obama up by 7 with a 5 point margin of error.

Where there is no competition is race. Eighty-seven percent of African Americans plan to vote for Obama, while 62 percent of whites said they will vote for Clinton. There has been very little evidence suggesting either candidate can cut into those numbers before Tuesday.

The poll found Obama does better on the war in Iraq but Hillary does better on the economy.


A new Insider Advantage North Carolina poll of likely Democratic primary voters is out tonight. Hillary Clinton has pulled into the lead over Barack Obama.

  • Hillary Clinton: 44%
  • Barack Obama: 42%
  • Undecided: 14%

IA says the shift comes from white voters over age 45. It also says Rev. Wright is a factor:


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N.C. Governor Mike Easley Endorses Hillary Clinton

As reported yesterday, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley today endorsed Hillary Clinton.

"It's time for somebody to be in the White House who understands the challenges we face in this country," Easley said, adding a gentle dig at rival Barack Obama's signature slogan of hope.

"There's been lots of 'Yes we can, yes we should.' Hillary Clinton is ready to deliver," Easley said.

Hillary, who praises Easley's economic record in the state, added:

"The governor and I have something in common — we think results matter," Clinton said.

Easley ended his remarks saying Hillary "makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy".

Easley is Clinton's second N.C. superdelegate. Six other N.C. superdelegates support Obama.

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Bill Clinton Increasing His Campaign Role

Former President Bill Clinton is taking on a greater role Hillary's campaign. The Wall. St. Journal today:

His relentless approach to battling Barack Obama -- on the trail and inside the campaign -- is becoming key to Sen. Clinton's newfound success, as she has won four of the last six primaries.

He believes the campaign should be stronger in its attacks on Obama. He's also increasing his campaign appearances.

Mr. Clinton also told the campaign to double the number of his daily appearances. "Look at this schedule -- you've got me down for four events," he said the week before Pennsylvania's primary, according to one operative. "Give me six, eight a day. Get me to the suburbs where I can make a difference."

His involvement has had a positive impact. In the rural counties in PA where he campaigned for Hillary, she got more votes: [More...]

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North Carolina Debate Scratched

The North Carolina Democratic Party today announced the April 27 debate has been canceled.

Which candidate do you think agrees with the reason? After noting the heightened interest in the race between Hillary and Obama, the notice reads:

However, there were also growing concerns about what another debate would do to party unity.

Has a debate ever been canceled before on grounds of party unity?

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