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Hillary Shows Emotion Responding to New Hampshire Voter

Update: Think Progress lays out the hypocrisy of media treatment.

Update: Ezra Klein has Obama's and Edward's responses. Go read.

Hillary Clinton showed emotion today when responding to a New Hampshire voter at a campaign stop. The video is here.

She took an unexpected question from a woman in the audience. "My question is very personal, how do you do it?" asked Marianne Pernold Young, a freelance photographer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. "How do you, how do you keep upbeat and so wonderful?"

"It's not easy, and I couldn't do it if I didn't passionately believe it was the right thing to do. You know I have [had] so many opportunities from this country [I] just don't want to see us fall backwards," she said. Then, her voice breaking and tears in her eyes, she said, "You know, this is very personal for me. It's not just political it's not just public. I see what's happening, and we have to reverse it."

She added:

"Some people think elections are a game, lot's of who's up or who's down, [but] it's about our country , it's about our kids' futures, and it's really about all of us together," she said.

Did she cry? Not that it should matter, but no, she didn't. She showed emotion. Will the media now blast her as weak instead of shrill?

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Do New Hamphire Voters Read National Blogs?

Are blogs influencing the New Hampshire voters? As an admittedly unscientific experiment, I just checked the last 100 visitors to a few sites.

None of TalkLeft's last 100 visitors logged on from New Hampshire. As to others: Daily Kos: 2; Firedoglake: 2; My DD: 0; Atrios: 1; Crooks and Liars: 0.

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CNN: WMUR Poll: Obama Ahead With NH Dems-Indep. Combo

A new CNN/WMUR poll taken Jan. 5 and 6 has been released. I got the actual poll results by e-mail.

Interviews with 341 New Hampshire residents who say they will vote in the Democratic primary and 268 New Hampshire residents who say they will vote in the Republican primary conducted by telephone.

The margin of error is 5 points for the total vote and 8 points for the Registered Democrat/Independent voters and men/women voters.

The results are below, and there are some interesting contradictions:

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New Hampshire: Fox Republican Debate

Another Republican debate in New Hampshire is now on Fox News. Is anybody watching? I am. I'm not going to live blog, but I will add some thoughts here or in the comments. Hope you join me.

6:12 pm. Romney and Huckabee are fighting. Romney to Huckabee" "You make up facts faster than you talk and that's pretty fast."

Giuliani is a terrible debater. He's all statistics and nothing loses a tv audience faster than stats and percentages. It's TV 101.

6:34 pm: McCain says he knows how to get Osama bin Laden and he will get him. If he does know how to get him, isn't it his patriotic duty to tell George Bush?

6:55 pm: Huckabee: The prisoners at Guantanamo are being treated "too darn good." Fred Thompson says, well they have certain rights.

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New Hampshire Demographics and the Independent Vote

Given the importance the media is attaching to the New Hampshire primary (as it did with Iowa) I'm wondering about the state's population and demographics. Who are these people who may be so influential in picking the Democratic nominee? Here's some reference points:

  • Total population (2006 census): 1.3 million.
  • Percentage over age 65: 12.4 (same as national). 95.8 of residents are white, 1.1% are African-American. 6.6% live below the poverty line (compared with 12.7% nationally.)
  • There are 234 incorporated cities and towns.


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Hillary and Obama: Substance vs. Style (The NH Debate)

One of the things that bothered me about last night's debate was Barack Obama's answer to the final question: "Tell me one thing you've said in those debates that you wish you hadn't said. And it's your chance to take it back."

He began with Hillary who said there were one or two things, didn't specify what they were and then went on to give a closing statement.

Edwards and Richardson answered with specific examples (Richardson wished he hadn't named Wizzer White as a great Supreme Court Justice and Edwards said he wished he hadn't criticized Hillary's jacket at an earlier debate.)

Obama, seizing on Hillary's refusal to name an error and give a closing statement instead, said "there have been all kinds of aspects to my debate performance that I'd love to correct or sharpen," and used the final seconds to give his closing statement.

Below is what Hillary said and what Obama said. Hillary's answer is issue-specific. Obama's is generalities and buzzwords. [More...]

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What Did New Hampshire Think?

It's all well and good for those of us around the nation and internet to weigh in on tonight's Democratic debate. But, what matters for Tuesday is what New Hampshire voters think...and what they will read in their morning papers.

All of the Democratic candidates looked tired tonight. No wonder. Check out Hillary's day that appeared in the Concord Monitor(describing how she spent it giving up the stump speeches and instead answering questions from voters for hours.)

Here's Sunday's candidate schedule.

[Update: Debate transcript here.]

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The Passionate Moment: A Test For The Media

This is the moment of the debate. Hillary Clinton responds to John Edwards' defense of Barack Obama (and you are right to wonder if John Edwards is trying to win the nomination if he is spending his time in a debate defending Barack Obama) and his attack on Hillary Clinton (he even insinuated that Hillary should drop out of the race; talk about presmptuous).

Hillary responds with passion. It was reminiscent in style to Ronald Reagan's moment in the 1980 New Hampshire debate after he had lost to George H.W. Bush in Iowa:

I think Democratic partisans will love this moment for Hillary and wonder if John Edwards is still trying to win. I think people who dislike Hillary will call it shrill. Of course that response is sexist. Will the Media reveal its sexism again? I predict they will. I think that is less important than how Democratic partisans react to it.

Update (TL): My favorite clips were where she talked about how words aren't action and how her feelings were hurt when Gibson said she isn't likeable. Also memorable and moving: When she said having the first woman president would be change.

Also check out her Fact Hub for sourcing of her criticisms of Obama because the chair of his NH campaign is a drug company lobbyist and his flip-flopping on the Patriot Act extension and vote to fund the war in Iraq. It also has the details of her record in New Hampshire.

[Update (TL): Debate transcript here.]

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New Hampshire: Post-Debate Thread

[Update: Debate transcript here.]

The Democratic debate is over. Live thread one is here. This thread is for post-debate comments.

What did you think? Who won? Who scored points and who lost them?

Big Tent Democrat says: [More....]

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New Hampshire Democratic Debate: Live Blog

[Update: Debate transcript here.]

The ABC News debate is on tape delay for Denver, an hour behind the East Coast. But, it's streaming live on WMUR, New Hampshire. So, I'll live blog -- please join in the comments.

8:45 pm: The Democratic candidates came out to do a meet and greet with the Republicans. Rudy and Hillary chatted friend-like, he put his arm on her arm. She and Huckabee also had a warm little moment, he whispered something in her ear. Edwards and McCain were very warm to each other.

9:05: What is this? The debate starts with an ABC news clip? It's on nuclear prolifieration. After watching the clip, the question is how aggressively would you go after al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan? Goes to Obama who justifies what he said at one of the first debates. He moves from the defensive to the offensive against Bush but Gibson says he sounds just like Bush.


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ABC New Hampshire Republican Debate Open Thread

The Republicans have started. The Dems follow immediately after.

This is an Open Thread.

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New Hampshire: CNN/WMUR Poll Has Hillary and Obama Tied

A poll taken last night and today by CNN and WMUR in New Hampshire has Hillary and Obama tied at 33% each. The AP report on the poll is here.

Obama and Edwards are up 3 points from last week while Hillary is down 1 point.

Full poll results are here. (pdf)

There's a vast difference between Hillary and Obama on the experience question.

(DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS ONLY:) Which Democratic candidate do you think has the right experience to be President?

Clinton 46%
Obama 14%
Edwards 13%

As to which candidate is most likely to bring change, the numbers are almost reversed: Obama 41%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 16%

Update [2008-1-5 18:16:37 by Big Tent Democrat]: Research 2000 shows a tie also: [More....]

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Record Turnout Predicted in New Hampshire, Odd Rules Abound

New Hampshire's Secretary of State Richard Gardner is predicting a record turnout for Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

Gardner estimates 500,000 or 60 percent of the 830,684 registered voters will cast ballots....The most votes cast in a presidential primary 396,385 were cast in 2000.

Here's the stats on registered voters as of Friday:

Of the 830,684 on the voter list, 373,397 or 45 percent are undeclared; 243,914 or 29 percent are Republican; and 213,373 or 26 percent are Democrats.

As betweens Dems and Republicans, factoring in the undeclared voters: [More...]

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New Hampshire News Sources

From primary and caucus coverage, I like reading local news sources. Here's a group of New Hampshire print media sites with an online presence (courtesy of the Free State Project):

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New Hampshire Debates Saturday Night

The candidates from both parties will debate in New Hampshire Saturday night. From ABC News (received by e-mail.)

On Saturday, January 5, 2008, ABC News, Facebook, and ABC affiliate WMUR will team up for a historic debate night. Republican and Democratic contenders for the White House will meet on stage in two separate events, both in primetime, and presented by ABC News.

Richardson is still in. The participants for the Democratic debate will be as follows:

Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.
Former Senator John Edwards, D-N.C.
Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill.
Governor Bill Richardson, D-N.M.

The Republicans: [More...]

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