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Biden Allies Try to Derail Kamala Harris Pick

Some of Joe Biden's biggest donors are trying to derail Kamala Harris's chances of becoming his running mate.

I hope they succeed. Given that Biden has been a crime warrior his entire 35 career in the Senate, the last thing I want is a former career prosecutor in the second highest spot.

I could care less about how she treated Biden in a debate. Plus, from all the transcripts of congressional hearings I've read on the subject of busing from back then, she accurately described his opposition to court-ordered busing).


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Donald Trump Turns 74 Amid New Questions About His Neurological State

In early 2018, when Donald Trump had trouble bringing a water glass to his lips during a cmpaign rally and also had difficulty expressing his thoughts in cohesive sentences during media interviews, the Atlantic was one of many media outlets raising the issue of his potential neurological decline and lamenting the the lack of any testing requirement for presidential candidates or a president by which the country could be alerted to significant mental impairment.

Is something neurologically wrong with Donald Trump? It is best not to diagnose the president from afar, which is why the federal government needs a system to evaluate him up close.

We still don't have such a system.

Trump's neurological state was also a topic of discussion on Memorial Day when he seemed to sway at Arlington Cemetary and had difficulty raising his arm high enough to lift a wreath.

But yesterday, at West Point, the issue generated a state of frenzy in social media, with the hashtag #DonaldTrumpWearsAdultDiapers trending. [More...]

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Bernie Sanders Drops Out

Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the Democratic race for President.

That leaves Joe Biden. I don't believe Joe Biden will beat Donald Trump for one reason:

"I was inspired by Joe Biden" said no one ever.

At 77+, Biden should be writing his memoirs, not looking for a "personal best" and running for President. I change the channel when he comes on, just like I do with Trump.

Biden's pick for VP could make a positive difference or sink him. After all, there's a pretty good chance given Biden's age that the VP will end up being President. [More...]

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Sanders and Biden Debate Tonight

I'm not sure what the point is of tonight's "debate" given the modifications and that everyone believes Biden has this sewn up.

Calls for Bernie to suspend his campaign are premature. He's helping Democrats by staying in. He obviously knows the math as well as anyone. And that despite his army of followers, they aren't turning out to vote. That will be a problem for Democrats in November.

By staying in, Bernie can try to keep his fans energized and encourage them to turn out and vote. [More...]

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Super Tuesday Results

Super Tuesday results are streaming in. Sanders has Vermont and Utah and Biden has Virginia.

What about Mike? Will his cash seal the deal?

How was the turnout? What do the exit polls show? Most importantly, did those of you in the Super Tuesday states remember to vote?

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Amy Drops, Will Support Biden

Amy Klobuchar suspended her presidential campaign today, a day after Pete B. and two days after Tom Steyer.

"Faux-Dem" Mike B. is blanketing the airwaves in every Super Tuesday state. I wonder if we will see commercials with Barbra Streisand and Clint Eastood, both of whom are supporting him.

I think Elizabeth will be next to fold. But at 2 pm today MT, she tweeted out a request for funds saying she's in.

The question is, if Elizabeth drops tomorrow or Wednesday and throws her support to Bernie, can they and Bernie's "army of supporters" prevail against Biden and Bloomberg?

One thing to keep in mind: The millions of people who voted early in California. I think Bernie will get most of the early voters as Biden was a dying duck until South Carolina.

I finally decided who to vote for and dropped off my ballot today. I voted for one of the two candidates who most share my political agenda and whom I believe has the ability if elected to move us in a progressive direction.[More...]

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Pete B. Drops Out, Amy K. Cancels Rally

I guess we're not done with primary coverage tonight after all. Pete B. has suspended his campaign, saying the math is just not there. He also threw some shade on Bernie Sanders. Bernie on the other hand had nothing but praise for him.

Back in her home state of Minnesota, Amy K. cancelled a rally because Black Lives Matter took over the stage and according to her campaign, wouldn't relinquish it after an hour as the group had promised to do. Polls now show Amy K. may get beaten by Bernie in her home state.

My advice: Instead of freaking out over Bernie, Dems should examine what his supporters believe a Bernie presidency might look like.

While I'm still deciding who to vote for Tuesday, I do believe Bernie best represents the Democratic values I grew up with and that he is trying to bring Dems together, rather than encouraging each minority faction to go its own way. People-powered politics can beat Donald Trump if we pick a candidate who makes the tent big enough to hold all Democrats - young, old, citizen or immigrant, black, brown, latino or white, college student or factory worker, and on and on, rather than favoring one group or issue over the others.

Let's make sure we all realize who the enemy is, and that he's not in here, he's outside this room.

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Biden's Sliver of a Path Forward

I keep seeing news articles about record turnouts in South Carolina. More people may have voted but the state hardly deserves praise. The state has 3.3 million Registered Voters and only 16% (500,000 of them) voted in yesterday's primary. 256k voters picked Biden, 105K picked Bernie, 60k chose Steyer, 48k picked Pete, 27k chose Warren, and 16k chose Amy. Biden got 44% of the votes.

In 2016, 371,000 Dems voted in the S.C. primary, and Hillary got 272,000 votes (57%).So notwithstanding lower turnout in 2016, Hillary got more votes than Biden did. Bernie got 96k votes, while this year Bernie got 105k votes, showing that Bernie brought out 20% of the vote on his own.

No one is mentioning the Latino vote which overwhelmingly has gone to Sanders so far. Or that in California alone, 25 million people are eligible to vote on Super Tuesday. Texas has 15 million eligible to vote. These two states have the largest number of Latino voters. [More...]

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Joe Biden Wins South Carolina, Who Cares?

The New York Times reports Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the South Carolina primary.

In second place right now is Tom Steyer, who spent $18.5 million on ads in the state. Then Bernie and Elizabeth. Then Amy and Pete.

More important than Biden, Sanders and Bloomberg, all of whom will be 78 by January, is who they would pick as their running mate. There is certainly no second term for any of them. [More...]

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South Carolina Democrat Debate

Update: 6:55 pm MT: Bloomberg is doing better thant last time so far. There are so many cheers for him I wonder whether he paid to fly them all in. Example: Bernie complains that Bloomberg and Trump are billionaires. The crowed boos!

It's Bash Bernie night. Bloomberg claims no moderate Republicans will vote for Bernie. Bloombert

Elizabeth has a plan for education. Amy is doing better than Elizabeth and Pete B. [More...]

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Nevada Primary and Reader Poll

Nevada is voting today. Bernie Sanders seems to be the favorite. I'm still sitting on my mail ballot, waiting for a epithany to tell me who to vote for.

Here's a short poll.

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Dems and Bloomberg Debate in Las Vegas

The Democrats and Mike Bloomberg will debate tonight in Las Vegas. Tom Steyer will not as he failed to qualify. It will air on NBC and MSNBC.

Everyone expects Bloomberg to be a major focus of the debate. I think it would be more fun if the moderators just didn't call on him so he got little air time. I'd like to see the Dems on stage ignore him as well, treating him like the interloper he is.

Of course that is not happening. Elizabeth Warren just blasted him. Amy Klobuchar is self-obsessed. She answers every question talking about herself.

Bloomberg "I can take out an arrogant con-man like Donald Trump". [More...]

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